A flamenco wunderkind

One of the top names of new flamenco is young and versatile Miguel Poveda. Considered a connection between modern and traditional flamenco, for ones he is the savior of cante jondo, for the purists he is far too reformist. Born in Catalonia, geographically and in spirit distant from the cradle of flamenco Andalusia, and with no gitano roots, Poveda has recorded tangos, coplas, pop and songs in Catalan. For his latest album Artesano he undusted in a singular way forgotten and unknown flamenco songs and styles. We met him in the outskirts of Sevilla to speak about his work and his reconnection with Andalusia, his new home. Published in Helsingin Sanomat in 2012. To read the story in Finnish, continue HERE.
photos by ángel navarrete.