FARC recruiter on a networking mission in Finland

A computer belonging to a killed senior commander of Colombia’s leftist guerrillas, Raúl Reyes, turned out to be a treasure trove for security authorities. Information gathered from the computer exposed that the FARC rebels also had several contacts with Finland. These included persons who had offered a hiding place for fleeing members of the guerrilla movement, negotiations on financial assistance for the organization and a FARC recruiter was believed to have visited Finland. According to the Colombian police, Finland and other Nordic countries were seen as an important region for FARC a it seeks political and financial support. Reyes was the ideological leader of FARC. He sought to establish an international support and lobbying network for the organization. His representatives in Europe and Latin America solicited support for “the struggle of the people of Colombia” by establishing relations with leftist parties, student organizations, and radical groups.
Published in Helsingin Sanomat in 2009. To follow reading part of the story in English go HERE.

photo by reuters