Madrid, the good old rebel

As soon as the military rule ended in Spain, a wild cultural movement La Movida took the streets of Madrid and rocked for freedom. It changed the popular culture, fashion and slang – the whole city. Film director Pedro Almodóvar kick-started his career with La Movida. Others grew rich, famous and boring with and beyond the movement. 30 years later, with the May 15th protest movement calling for an ethical revolution, the spirit of rebellion has returned to Madrid. We explored the bohemian corners of the city as well as the controversial legacy of La Movida. It took us from legendary punk rock bars in trendy Malasaña to new alternative cultural spaces in the most anarchist neighborhood of Madrid, Lavapiés, from Almodóvar's favorite tapas bar (“the best known antidepressant”) to meet subversively empowering drag queens.
Published in Helsingin Sanomat in 2011.