Humor exposes the elites

A new political satire is emerging in Spain, laughing at the country’s elites and establishment from politicians to bankers and from the royal family to Catholic bishops. Humor has marked the protest songs in the anti-austerity rallies. And a new satirical magazine Mongolia has hit the nerve with its witty criticism of the austerity and corruption, mixed with thorough investigative reporting. Inspired by Spanish cult publications from the end of the military rule and first published in 2012, it aims at knocking the “political caste and new oligarchy”, that has taken control in Spain since the early years of democracy, off their pedestal. We visited Mongolia’s editing office in Madrid to find out how the humor may help in times of crisis and in a dysfunctional democracy. For Helsingin Sanomat in 2013. To read the full story in Finnish, go HERE.
Images courtesy of Mongolia.