A home in a car

An economic crisis has left millions unemployed and some 400 000 have lost their home in Spain. There is not enough room in the public shelters for the homeless. Some find accommodation through family and relatives, but many don’t have a place where to go. A homeless crisis is looming in Spain even when there are more than 3 million empty flats in the country, due to the collapse of the housing market. We went to see the rough life in the streets of Madrid. A veteran of the streets told us that people have become more sensitive to the problems of the homeless but those willing to help have less and less to give. And an unemployed truck driver explained us why he has been living in a wrecked Peugeot 360 in a parking lot for more than a year. Published in Helsingin Sanomat in 2013. To read the story in Finnish, continue HERE.
photos by ángel navarrete