A hip hop movement defends the rights of indigenous people

In Bolivia, a hip hop movement has contributed to increase awareness on the rights of indigenous people. In the capital La Paz and neighboring deprived El Alto hip hop artists rap against political and economic elites, social injustice and corruption, proclaiming the freedom of Latin America. It is a political and nationalist movement that had its origins a few years ago in the uprising of indigenous people when the conflicts over natural resources erupted. It spread through pirate radio stations and underground bars. It also helped the election of Evo Morales, the first indigenous president in South America. The groups are proud to rap in Spanish and in indigenous languages aymara and quetchua. We met Bolivian hip hop artists in La Paz and in El Alto to find out how the movement is doing currently and whether the situation of indigenous people has improved. Published in Helsingin Sanomat in 2013. To read the story in Finnish, continue HERE.
photos by heli kumpula