A nun with a radical political manifesto

Sister Teresa Forcades is a Catholic nun who has emerged as a new critical voice protesting against the “unfair” austerity measures in Spain. Worried about the impact of austerity on the population as well as about poverty, corruption and dysfunctional democracy, she has published a radical political manifesto together with Arcadi Oliveres, an economist, to reform thoroughly the current state of affairs, for instance by nationalizing banks and energy companies. Interested in the political ideas of the Greek Eurosceptic Syriza and theories of odious debt, she is also a strong supporter of the independence of Catalonia. But her political opponents claim she is a populist and her ties with the Catholic church raise questions. We met the Benedictine nun at her monastery in the mountain of Montserrat to discuss her political ideas and to find out where she wants to take Spain and Catalonia. Published in Helsingin Sanomat in 2013. To read the full story in Finnish, go HERE.