The call of the countryside

Countryside, agriculture and a simpler life have become attractive among Spanish younger generations during the economic crisis. Hit by severe unemployment, it has become difficult for many to make their living in the big cities where the cost of living is higher. The number of new farmers has increased significantly over the past years, regenerating the countryside villages. Unemployed have put up new initiatives as self-employed farmers, often encouraged by public subsidies. Others look for a more pure and ecological way of living, disappointed with the boom years of lavish overspending. We met a young self-taught beekeeper who used to work as an electrician in the booming construction sector until the collapse of the housing market. Now, he is happy with his new project, he tells us, though a new beginning has not been an easy one. Published in Helsingin Sanomat in 2013. To read the full story in Finnish, continue HERE.